Saturday, October 3, 2009

Unabashedly Introducing Myself- Kane (Kanetaka) Ikeda

Above: various views of " The Walls" in my old studio. 1983, stained and painted wood.

On the left: " Floor #3"; 1982 pebbles and painted wood.

I would like to use this space to introduce myself to non-members who are followers of this Blackfish blog. My name is Kane(Kanetaka)Ikeda, and I along with Ellen Goldschmidt are the newest members of Blackfish joining in June. You have met Ellen as she had a newcomer's show in August and has presented herself on youtube in earlier post. I will be presenting my newcomer's show in coming January along with a group exhibition of members' drawings.

Most of you may not know me though I have first established myself as an artist in this city of Portland. For the last twenty years I have been making sculptures and teaching art at a private university in Sapporo, Japan, Portland's first sister city. I have just returned last year just in time for a great recession (laugh).

I am primarily a sculptor, a mixed media sculptor though I have done some wood carvings, wood constructions, bronze works as well as few full-scale gallery size installations, drawings and pastel and acrylic paintings. As you can see I am more interested in presenting visual idea than exploring particular art media.

Though I am new member, this is my second time being a Blackfish. I was one of the original member that opened the gallery back in 1979 at the sixth avenue gallery space. Naturally atmosphere of Blackfish is a lot different now than back then. I was in my twenty's then and others not much older. This is much more mature group both in experience and age. However, I am pleased to find that the gallery and members are as much energetic, and much of advantages of being co-op such as greater freedom of creativity and enjoyment and learning from interactions with fellow artists are still there. In fact, from the feel of the gallery and from the enthusiasm of members during the annual 'Retreat', despite the economy and all, I don't think I am off the track to say that the gallery is going through another great energetic period;hopefully a golden age. And hopefully too, I contribute my share in this seemingly florescent stage of the gallery.

Photos that I have included with this writing are of groups of works that I have shown at Blackfish prior to leaving in the spring of 83'. I have display them to show my original Blackfish background to those who do not know me. Photos are copies of copies of old, worn out slides, but I think they will gave you an idea. My current works are quite different as I have been slowly developing the theme of the " Tree of Life". Just imagine me making parts for a huge Christmas Tree without the lights, and you are close to understanding my work. For the January show, I am working with new materials as the things I worked in Japan so far I could not find here. I like the adventure of working with new materials and mediums, but right now its not going well. However, it was 'god-awfu'l week ago, but gotten better to 'awful', and then to 'not bad' by yesterday. Hopefully, I can get to 'god- beautiful' by January.


mario said...

Hello Kane,
It's wonderful to get a glimpse of your old work here! They're not really old, more like ageless. I hope more Blackfish artists would post here their old, recent or works in progress.

K. Ikeda said...

Yeah, I agree Mario. I hope to see others start posting more of their works- past, present or in progress- with comment too. It would further invigorate the blog and the gallery I would think.