Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Welcome JoEllyn to the Blackfish Blog

I hope the two of us can start an art dialog that others at the gallery will join. We as out of town members miss the impromptu visits to the gallery. Because of this I think we miss the chance to interact with other artists other than at the monthly meetings.

Perhaps the blog can be used as a platform of what's going on in our studios, what we are thinking about as we work, and what goals we set for ourselves. I'm not sure how we could handle a studio critique, but maybe we could post an image and invite comments.

These past couple of weeks, I who am a oil/brush purist, discovered the small rollers at the hardware store. I have been rolling on layers upon layers of color on about 8 canvases. I'm not sure where this will lead, but the Colorfield experience has, so far, been quite satisfying.

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joellyn said...

Hi, Sandy - our email exchanges over the past several weeks were instrumental in aiming me back at Blackfish - thank you. I do think that we "outliers" have a deep appreciation of what "community of artists" means! I was so spoiled, moving directly from art school to BF - thought the whole world was full of people excited about art!

So, yes, let's promote this blog to explore the issues important to all of us, exchange ideas, ask questions, trade information. Lisa, one of the new members, talked about how she doesn't have anyone to talk to about the best kind of glue to use on her work. I wrecked 5 small paintings on paper last January trying to glue them to stretched canvasses, so I can at least tell her what not to use! I think there is great potential in the blog in many ways!

So, you're using hardware store rollers. Are those the little fuzzy ones, one inch wide or so? I've never gotten them to work for me, but I tried drawing with them - not making layers of color. That sounds like fun. My tool of choice is a Colour Shaper - made in England and hard to find any more, though Jerry's Artarama comes through. They are neoprene spatulas, come in 1" to 3" widths and in two flexibilities. I seldom use brushes, as they muddy the color almost immediately when you work wet into wet, where the Colour Shapers allow for lots of leeway in laying wet color over wet color, and in mixing colors on the canvas. My biggest fear is that the company will go out of business; they are not especially customer-friendly. Without my Colour Shapers, I'd be lost.

I'm starting on a new series for a show in June at COCC - need 6 new paintings (for a total of 12 to 14) by then. So far, a week in the studio, and nada!!!

Sorry you won't be at the retreat - looking forward to seeing you in person one of these days.